Which tailoring specialization is best for Warlock?

Do warlocks need tailoring TBC?

A lot of the warlocks’ Pre-BiS and BiS come from tailoring; nearly all casters will want the Spellstrike Infusion set and warlocks will want pieces of Shadow’s Embrace or Wrath of Spellfire depending on the specialization you chose. … However, most of these are Bind on Equip and do not require tailoring itself to equip.

Is tailoring profitable in TBC?

S: Very profitable for most of TBC, even without rare/high-value recipes. Important for most/all classes. A: Reliably profitable without many rare/high-value recipes. Important for several classes.


Item Value Notes
Imbued Netherweave Bag Low Second-largest bag available in TBC, relatively inexpensive to craft.

How do I choose a tailoring specialization for TBC?

To learn a Tailoring Specialization, you must be at least level 60 and have 350 Tailoring. More information on recipes available to the three specializations can be found Tailoring Patterns guide, linked at the end. There are also two located in Stormwind and Undercity.

Can tailoring specialization change TBC?

Simply talk to Andrion Darkspinner in Shattrath and pay him 150g – that’ll unlearn your current spec, and allow you to pick up a new one from one of the other Tailoring Specialists.

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Is tailoring in TBC worth it?

Tailoring. Tailoring will be the profession of choice for cloth-wearing classes like Warlock, which is the strongest DPS class in TBC. The profession provides numerous powerful pre-raid pieces of gear and also gives Warlocks their best-in-slot two-piece Spellstrike set.

Are Warlocks fun in TBC?

How good are Warlocks in TBC Classic? Warlocks are arguably the best DPS classes throughout all of TBC and likely will be throughout TBC Classic. They fight for the top spot against Hunters and the winner is normally based on the fight.

What is the most profitable profession in TBC?

Leatherworking and Tailoring got the most profitable crafting items in TBC.

How do I choose a tailoring specialization?

Tailors of level 60 or higher with a skill of 350 or greater can choose a Tailoring Specialization — Mooncloth Tailoring, Shadoweave Tailoring, or Spellfire Tailoring — by completing a quest from one of the neutral specialists in Shattrath’s Lower City.

How do you tailor TBC?

Where to Train Tailoring. For Classic, there are now Tailoring trainers located at all major Cities and will be able to teach you Tailoring from Apprentice to Artisan. For TBC, the Tailoring Trainer that will teach you Master Tailoring is located in Honor Hold if you are Alliance and Thrallmar if you are Horde.

Do you need tailoring to use spellfire?

The spellfire set requires you to be a spellfire tailor to equip and make use of. Changing your tailoring specialization costs 150g, dunno if this increases each time.

How do you get Shadowcloth TBC?

Creating Shadowcloth requires 1 Bolt of Imbued Netherweave, 1 Primal Shadow and 1 Primal Fire and has a 3 day 20 hour cooldown. In addition, Shadowcloth can only be created in Shadowmoon Valley at the Altar of Shadows and grants the Shadowy Fortitude buff when crafted.

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Is mooncloth used in TBC?

The Night Elf town is filled with NPCs that are around level 15. If you can make Mooncloth, you’re a high enough level that you won’t be bothered. This is confirmed, you can make Mooncloth there.

Can you unlearn Shadoweave tailoring?

Unlearns Shadoweave tailoring, allowing you to choose another tailoring specialization. Unlearns Shadoweave tailoring, allowing you to choose another tailoring specialization.