When an edge weld is made on two pieces of 1/4 plate How wide should the bead be?

How wide should a bead be in welding?

The maximum bead width should be limited to 3/8 in. (10 mm). As a minimum, one complete circumferential bead should be completed before stopping or interrupting the welding sequence.

What two terms do welders often use interchangeably when speaking about welding current?

Stickout and electrode extension are often used interchangeably. Learn more about the difference and how it impacts weld quality.

How can a consistent arc length be maintained?

How can a consistent arc length be maintained? By constantly lowering the electrode.

What should a smaller electrode be used for?

Small diameter electrodes will make acceptable welds on thick plate, but more time is required to make the weld. Large diameter electrodes may overheat the metal if they are used with thin or small pieces of metal.

What increases the bead width?

A positive electrode polarity, a large electrode diameter, a small electrode extension and a high welding voltage encourages a large bead width in most cases. For a particular electrode diameter and extension, it is found that the bead width initially increases as the current and the welding speed increase.

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What causes wide bead in welding?

Wire feed speed/amperage too high – Setting the wire feed speed or amperage too high (depending on what type of machine you’re using) can cause poor arc starts and lead to an excessively wide weld bead, burn-through and distortion.

Should you push or pull a stick weld?

Push or pull: Here the rule is simple. “If it produces slag, you drag,” says Leisner. In other words, you drag the rod or wire when welding with a stick or flux-core wire welder. Otherwise, you push the wire with metal inert gas (MIG) welding.

When welding with SMAW to slow of a travel speed can result in?

Speed Too Slow

Welding too slowly results in a wide tall build up of weld. The shape of the weld is not consistent as the weld pool has built up and then collapsed into the crater. The poor control of the weld pool can result in cold joints and slag inclusions.

What is the correct arc length to maintain during SMAW?

Arc length for 1/16 and 3/32 in. diameter electrodes should be about 1/16 in. (1.6 mm); arc length for 1/8 and 5/32 in. elec- trodes should be about 1/8 in.

What is ideal length of arc?

As a good starting point, arc length should not exceed the diameter of the metal portion (core) of the electrode. For example, an 1/8-inch 6010 electrode is held about 1/8 inch off the base material. … An arc length that is too short will create greater potential for the electrode sticking to the base material.

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Is 6013 All position?

The 6013 is a general-purpose welding electrode made of mild steel and can be used in all positions of a welding process. The electrode delivers a smooth and medium penetrating arc. The electrode can be used with small AC power sources having low open-circuit voltage as well.

What welding rod is used for hard surfacing?

Stoody X-53 is a hardfacing electrode that combines the desired features of high deposition rate, high bead build up, and resistance to impact and abrasion. It can be used to overlay carbon or manganese steel parts. Stoody XHC combines excellent weldability with a high deposition rate.