What size is LOPI yarn?

Is lopi scratchy?

Global warming and all that… I love scratchy yarns, so I’m not the best to judge. But I will say that lopi is prickly because the yarn is spun with both the soft under hair (thel) and a prickly, but incredibly strong outer guard hair (tog).

What is lopi yarn?

Lopi (Icelandic: [ˈlɔːpɪ]) is knitting wool made from the fleece of Icelandic sheep. The fleece is made up of two layers, each with a different kind of wool. The wet-resistant outer coat contains long, coarse fibres, while the insulating layer beneath consists of soft, short fibres.

Is LOPI a yarn pill?

It’s not a plush ball of softness of the sort we next-generation knitters trend towards. But man, this stuff is never going to pill. Having worn my new vest yesterday (admittedly only once so far) I can tell you this: It was incredibly warm but not in the way that some knits tend to overheat one.

Why is Icelandic wool so expensive?

Because Iceland is a remote island, its sheep have not mixed with other breeds for centuries—more than a millennium in fact. The combination of challenging environment and isolation from other breeds has resulted in a hardy stock of sheep whose wool has distinct qualities suited to Iceland’s weather conditions.

Why is some wool scratchy?

Wool fibers have a scaly surface; when this surface comes into contact with our skin, it can lead to irritation. It all boils down to the strength of the fiber: thick, stiff fibers do not bend when they come into contact with our skin, which leads to itching and irritation.

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