What size are Midge beads?

What size beads do I need for fly tying?

Recommended Hook and Bead Size Combinations for Fly Tying

Bead Size Hook Size
5/64″ (2.0 mm) 16-18
3/32″ (2.4 mm) 14-16
7/64″ (2.8 mm) 12-16
1/8″ (3.2 mm) 10-14

What is midge size?

Most midge larvae are between 3 and 10 millimeters—about the length of a size 16 to 22 long-shank hook. Many anglers overlook fishing larvae imitations, which can be a huge mistake. Larvae live in the substrate of our trout streams.

What size beads for size 12 hook?


#6 – #8 7/32” 5.5mm
#8 – #10 3/16” 4.6mm
#10 – #12 5/32” 3.8mm
#12 – #14 1/8” 3.3mm

What is a zebra midge?

The Zebra Midge is a nymph that imitates midge pupae and/or emerging midges. Herein lies the first clue to how to fish them. The Zebra consists of nothing more than a size 16-24 shrimp/scud hook wrapped in colored thread and a copper or silver fine wire with a 2 or 3mm tungsten bead head of matching metallic finish.

What size hooks for midges?

#1 Tie Small: There are very few midges that are bigger than a size #16 hook in rivers. Lakes can get down to size #12 at times, but most places you’re going to do best in sizes #18-22 and in winter, up to the #24-26 range. The smaller you go, often the better the midge pattern.

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What size beads are use for steelhead?

The most commonly used bead sizes for steelhead are 10 and 12 mm, and the best all around hook size to use with these beads is size 2, although sizes 1 and 1/0 also work well (and some steelhead anglers claim they lose less fish with larger hooks).