What is yarn lea strength?

What is a lea yarn?

The number of hanks of 300 yards in a pound is called linen count (lea). It is specially used to express the fineness of flax (linen) yarn. Yarn becomes finer when the count increases in this system. If the weight of yarn is w grams, and the length of yarn is L meters then the lea count of yarn is obtained as follows.

What does Lea mean in fabric?

The standard measure of bulk linen yarn is the “lea”, which is the number of yards in a pound of linen divided by 300. For example, a yarn having a size of 1 lea will give 300 yards per pound. The fine yarns used in handkerchiefs, etc. might be 40 lea, and give 40×300 = 12,000 yards per pound.

How do you calculate Lea strength and CSP of cotton yarn?

C.S.P is the product of English count and strength of yarn in pound. i.e. C.S.P = Strength of yarn in pound x Count in English system. Again, English count is the no. of hanks in 840 yards length per 1 pound weight of yarn.


  1. The strength of cotton yarn is 97 lb,
  2. C.S.P is 2397.16 and.
  3. The C.V% for C.S.P is 4.16%
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Which instrument is the part of Lea strength testing?

Lea Strength Tester, also named Electronic Strength Tester or Lea yarn Strength tester.

Key specification of Lea Strength Tester.

Maximum force value 5000N
Instrument size (L×W×H) 380mm×480mm×1400mm

Is Lea a field?

a tract of open ground, especially grassland; meadow. land used for a few years for pasture or for growing hay, then plowed over and replaced by another crop.

What does Lea mean in Old English?

lea in American English

(li ) noun. 1. OLD-FASHIONED, Poetic. a meadow or grassy field.

Is Leah a French name?

In French the name Léa is the biblical name Leah. In Spanish the same name is Lía, and in Italian Lia.

How is Lea calculated?

Procedure: First we have to make a lea of 120 yards. After the preparation of the lea it is weighted on weighing scale, and the count of the yarn is calculated through a formula. Count of the yarn = (length in yds/840)*(453.6/wt of yarn)

What happens if TPI of yarn is increased?

17 TPI shows better results for Tenacity and Strength. The weaving performance is depending on the yarn quality. The yarn must have less thick and thin places having less hairiness. … As TPI increases then U%, CV%, Thin place, Thick place, Neps are increases and Tenacity, Strength get decreases.

What is CV% of count?

The variation of the yarn count (CV count) is the variation from one bobbin to the other. If this variation is more than 2% the difference in the fabric is visible with bare eyes. 2.

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