What is the purpose of a dart in sewing?

Are darts necessary?

The thing is, darts are essential for good fit. … But without a dart, you see diagonal pull lines from the bust to the side seam. The front just doesn’t hang right. A flat (2-dimensional) piece of fabric simply won’t adequately cover a 3-dimensional body.

Why is dart manipulation important?

Dart manipulation is one of the most important techniques when it comes to pattern drafting. The shape and fit of garments depend on darts and while they are needed to help garments stay in shape, they can also be used as a design element so knowing how to move darts will be beneficial.

What are the rules of dart manipulation?


Slash and Spread – The new design line is cut and spread open to create a new dart, while the original dart is closed. The working pattern is altered. Pivot – The pivotal point (bust point or dart point) stays stationary.

Do you put darts in lining?

Darts are inserted when dresses or tops are too big at the front or back anywhere from the bust to the hip area, and also if the dress or top is sleeveless and darts are required at the front armhole section to the bust. … Place pins through the centre of the dart making sure to catch the lining as well.

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