What is the mosaic that depicts the battle between the armies of Alexander the Great and Darius III of Persia?

What does the Alexander Mosaic show?

The mosaic depicts Alexander the Great’s defeat of the Persian king Darius; the detail here illustrates Alexander himself. In its entirety the mosaic measures 5.82 x 3.13m (19ft x 10ft 3in), and is made of around a million tesserae (small mosaic tiles).

Who made Alexander Mosaic?

Why is the Alexander Mosaic damaged?

They indicate that the mosaic had been damaged by overuse, and often in exactly the same areas. “Over time, even careful footsteps would have loosened the very small stone tesserae from their tenuous hold in the mortar of the mosaic’s bedding.

What subject in what medium inspired the Alexander Mosaic?

medium of the original it is based on? The mosaic depicts Alexander the great defeating the king of Persia in a great battle in a violent scene. Although the mosaic was found in Pompeii, Italy, it is a replicate of a Greek wall painting thought to be done by Helen of Egypt, which is why its studied under Greek art.

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