What is mat weaving?

What is the purpose of mat weaving?

They are used as construction materials for fences, screens, and walls. Familiar household items include sleeping mats, beach mats, placemats, floor mats, wall hangings, and doormats. Simple woven items, such as mats, are made from two elements, warp (lengthwise) and weft (crosswise).

Where did mat weaving come from?

As one of the most ancient manual industries of Khoorobiabanak, mat weaving has been done there since long ago as a secondary profession beside the main job of agriculture. The existence of large gardens of palm trees in this region has caused mat weaving to be known as a native profession in this township.

What is Chatai made of?

Large chatai mats are made from the fan-shaped leaves of the palmyra palm. These are woven with the flat strips of the leaves as both warp and weft. They are made and used extensively in Birbhum, Bankura, and Purulia districts. Shitalpati mats are made from mutra cane grown mainly in the Cooch Behar district.

What is the synonym of mat?

See also synonyms for: matted. dishevel. entangle. twine. entwine.

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