What is an Overlocker free arm?


How important is a free arm on an Overlocker?

Similar to a sewing machine the free arm makes it much easier to work on small areas or sleeves for instance. It’s not essential but highly desirable.

How important is a free arm on a serger?

The free arm is a very useful feature to all sewing machines as it makes sewing one layer of fabric without catching another. This is because all of the workings around the bobbin race, feed dogs and needle are housed there. As mentioned earlier the free arm is used to sew tubular items with ease.

What changes from flatbed to free arm?

Sewing cylindrical pieces

Removing the flat bed attachment allows for free-arm sewing, making it easier to sew cylindrical pieces such as sleeve cuffs and pant legs. Pull the flat bed attachment off to the left. Slide the part that you wish to sew onto the free arm, and then sew from the top.

Can any sewing machine do free motion sewing?

Yes, free motion quilting can be done on a regular sewing machine. What’s important to note however is that you will need the ability to lower or disengage your feed dogs. … Other than that, free motion quilting is just straight stitching.

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Where can I use a sewing machine for free?

Get a Free or Cheap Sewing Machine

  • Check out your local Freecycle. …
  • Check out your local Craigslist. …
  • Check out your local Facebook Buy, Sell, and Trade and/or Yardsale pages. …
  • Let friends and family know that you’re looking for one.

What is drop feed on a sewing machine?

Drop Feed. Allows the user to lower the feed dog out of the way for free motion sewing (usually for embroidery, monogramming and quilting).

Does Babylock make a free arm serger?

Free-Arm Serging

Provides easy access to those hard-to-reach areas of all your sewing projects, especially cuffs and sleeves.