What is AB coating on beads?

What does AB stand for in beads?

Crystal Bead Finishes

AB stands for Aurora Borealis (the northern lights) and is a half coating that reflects a multitude of colours.

What does AB mean in crystals?

AB is an iridescent coating that gives a subtle shimmer. It is named after the Aurora Borealis, the fabulous Northern Lights. It can be full or half coated. For example, a Swarovski crystal bead described as AB is half-coated, AB 2X would mean fully coated.

What is the difference between AB and clear crystals?

A Crystal (clear) bead is completely transparent. On a Crystal (clear) rhinestone, you can clearly see the foil on the back. Crystal AB, on the other hand, uses the same base stone or bead, but has an added coating which reflects many different colors, primarily gold, blue and pink.

Is AB and J Jewelry real?

Who’s Ab and j jewelry? been in business for over 20 years . They are located in inland empire California they over payment plans to customers on direct sales by network marketing .

What does AB faceted mean?

“AB” (aurora borealis) beads have a coating on part of each bead which is basically silver but which may have some iridescence to it, meaning that colors can be seen in the coating. … For reasons I don’t fully understand, vitrail coatings are found almost entirely on faceted beads.

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What are electroplated beads?

Electroplate Glass Beads

The electroplated glass beads have an amazing glossy coating, available in many different bead shapes and finishes. They can be widely used in your jewelry making and craft project.

Are Swarovski crystals worth anything?

Yes they are real. They are real lead glass. … Swarovski crystals are non-precious lead glass meaning that the intrinsic value of the material is not very high. They do have a valuable brand name, however, which causes them to have higher prices compared to other crystal suppliers.

What does Amethyst AB mean?

A-B Grade. A or B graded purple quartz are pale purple in color and will have more noticeable inclusions.

What does AB Glass mean?

What is Crystal AB? Crystal AB is coating that gives an iridescent rainbow effect to the faceted faces of the crystal, the AB stands for Aurore Boreale. Crystal AB is a clear crystal with the iridescent coating that gives of tones of pink, purple, silver and yellow.

What is Swarovski Clear AB?

The coating effect referred to as AB is also referred to as “Aurora Borealis”. It is a rainbow / iridescent effect that is applied to either the top of a stone or to half of a bead or pendant. Aurora Borealis is one of the most well-known and popular effects from Swarovski.

What is Gold AB?

Ultima Gold™ AB is the world’s first liquid scintillation cocktail specifically designed for alpha/beta discrimination in LSC. Ultima Gold™ AB is based on a unique, high flash-point solvent formulation that provides the slow pulse decay characteristics necessary for effective alpha/beta discrimination.

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