What is a temperature quilt?

What is the best type of quilt to get?

Light and breathable, a cotton quilt is the perfect choice for hot sleepers or warm climates. Filled with 100% high quality cotton, the quilt is also a great hypoallergenic option.

Should I join a quilt guild?

Joining a Quilt Guild can help to bring that fun community feel to your hobby and it will also help you find some like-minded people that can be fun to socialize with during shopping trips, retreats and other quilt-related endeavors.

How do quilt guilds operate?

One person brings a block pattern and everyone makes one of those. At the next meeting, a name is drawn from those participating, and that person gets all the blocks. Then a new pattern goes out, and this continues until everyone has a set of blocks, then each person makes a quilt from their blocks.

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