What is a crochet magic ring?

What is a magic ring in crocheting?

A magic ring (magic loop) allows an item to be worked in the round while creating a tightly closed centre. The alternative method, when crocheting in the round, is to make a small foundation chain; close this chain into a ring with a slip stitch; and work your first round into that ring.

How do you crochet a magic ring?

Working from right to left, slide the crochet hook under the right-hand piece of yarn and over the left-hand piece. Grab the left-hand yarn and pull up a loop. Make your first round of stitches into the ring. Insert the hook into the magic ring, and draw up a loop to begin your first SC.

How many chains do you need to make a magic ring?

You will usually need one starting chain for a single stitch pattern, two for a half double pattern, two or three for a double pattern, and four for a triple pattern.

What magic circle means?

1 : a circle drawn by a magician about any person or place protecting it from demons raised by incantations.

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