What does sl2 WYIF mean in knitting?

What does WYIF mean?

With Yarn In Front (WYIF) means you bring the yarn to the front before working on the next stitch. With Yarn In Back (WYIB) means you bring the yarn to the back before working on a new stitch. These two terms are very important in knitting, pay attention to them when reading a pattern.

What does it mean to slip the first stitch?

Slipping the first stitch of a row expands the edge stitch vertically, making it two rows tall. This means that you don’t get that weird uneven and twisted stitch that comes from working the edge stitch twice in succession. It makes the edges of a piece tidy and clean.

What does s11 mean in knitting?

That’s ‘slip 1 purl wise with the yarn in front’. With some fonts the 1 and l look alike. Move the yarn to the front, slip a stitch from left needle to the right as if you’re going to purl it, but don’t (just stick the right needle into it as if to purl), then bring the yarn back to knit 2 sts.

Do you slip Knitwise Purlwise?

To slip a stitch, insert the RH needle purlwise (as if you were going to purl) into the first stitch on the LH needle and slip it off the LH needle onto the RH needle. Unless your instructions specifically tell you to slip a stitch knitwise, always slip a stitch as if you were going to purl it.

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