What does SEL stand for in sewing?

What does SEL mean in sewing?

Selvage is the self-finished edge of the fabric and often has the defining information about the fabric printed along the edge. Note: There are two ways to spell selvage – selvedge (British English) or selvage (American English).

What does rst stand for in sewing?

RST: Right Sides Together. SA: Seam Allowance.

What does wrong side mean in sewing?

The ‘wrong side’ means the back of the fabric or the side that will be hidden when the project is finished. When you sew two bits of fabric together it’s common to hear the phrase, ‘right sides together’ or ‘right sides facing’. This means that the ‘right sides’ of the fabric will be touching as you sew the seam.

What will happen if you did not prepare your fabric before cutting and sewing?

If you haven’t pre-treated your fabric or if you haven’t put it on grain, your seams will shift over time. So that’s when you notice the sides of your shirt or the sides of your garments twisting around to the front, and we don’t want that.

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Why do you need to know some terms in sewing?

At sometimes, you may feel the desire to make something new, but, your imagination and your skills does not collaborate and ends up with a sloppy sewing project. In this kind of situations, the key is to know the terms about sewing. Therefore, it would be a lot easier for you to understand what you wanted to achieve.

What does it mean to cut 2 on fold with fabric?

If you’re just starting to learn the logistics and techniques of sewing, you’ll soon come across the term “Cut On fold”. A sewing pattern that has two symmetric sides can be slashed in half and cut on the fold of your fabric.

Does it matter which way you cut fabric?

The fabric grain is important because it determines how your garment should be cut and whether or not your garment will hang correctly on your body after it’s sewn. Fabric grain is straight when the cross grain is at a right angle to the straight grain.

What are the dots on a sewing pattern for?

Dots are made in various sizes by the pattern companies. These must be marked onto your fabric. They indicate starting and stopping points for stitching, as well as points to match up markings for things like darts.

Why do pattern pieces have a fold line?

On the Fold – Represented by a line with arrows pointing in a particular direction, the “on the fold” marking shows you where to position the edge of your pattern piece on a fold of your fabric. This allows you to cut a piece of fabric that is twice as large as the pattern piece.

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