What can I use instead of a stitch marker?

What makes a good stitch marker?

The most Common Types of Stitch Markers

One of the most popular, and my personal favorite, is the pin that looks like a little safety pin. These are very easy to use and are just the right size for marking dropped stitches and changing colors in a pattern.

Are crochet and knitting stitch markers the same?

In crochet, you only have one live stitch at the time, so you can’t place markers between stitches like in knitting. Instead, crocheters use open stitch markers that can be attached to any stitch and easily removed.

What is a split ring marker in knitting?

These split ring markers allow you to use them on your needle to mark stitches, or to hang on your knitting to mark rows, decreases, increases or even mistakes. … They are easy to slip onto a needle in the middle of you work.

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