Quick Answer: What sizes do crochet hooks come in?

Why are crochet hooks different sizes?

Finding the right size for a crochet hook is important because it determines the gauge of your crochet. Smaller hooks make finer and tighter crochet, while larger hooks produce a bulkier, more open weave.

What happens if you use a larger crochet hook?

If you are using the same pattern (same number of stitches and rows/rounds), a larger crochet hook will use up more yarn. If you are going for the same size of project (say a 36 by 36 inch blanket), a larger crochet hook will use up less yarn.

What can I use if I don’t have the right size crochet hook?

The hook that you choose, combined with the yarn and your tension, will impact the gauge of the piece. This, in turn, gives you the finished project size. If you choose the wrong crochet hook, you might end up with a sweater that is much smaller or larger than intended.

How much difference does crochet hook size make?

The difference of a quarter of a milimeter is the same as with your hook and pattern, but for tiny hooks this is in fact a difference of 3 sizes (increments are 0.1mm). The larger heart is twice as large as the smaller one.

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