Quick Answer: What does it mean to work in back loops when crocheting?

What does it mean to crochet in back loops only?

Blo stands for “back loop only.” This is a direction for where you should work the indicated stitch. Single crochet back loop only (or sc blo) indicates that you should insert your hook under the back loop only, not under both loops, when working your next single crochet.

What does working under two loops mean in crochet?

In most standard crochet patterns, the stitches are usually worked into both loops of the stitch on the row below. This means that you insert the hook under both loops of the stitch on the row below and then work your stitches.

Does crochet look the same on both sides?

When you work in rows, you’ll turn your work after every row. This means that you will see both the right and wrong sides of the stitches on alternate rows. The look is the same if you choose to work joined rounds while turning your work.

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