How does weave silk work?

How is Weavesilk made?

Weave Silk was built using the latest web technologies: HTML5, Canvas, Web Audio for music, and responsive sound effects. The frontend was written in Coffeescript with the backend written in Go. So if not’s working in your browser, try it out in Chrome.

How do you save pictures on silk?

To save your creation, click on the “Save Photo” icon, which is the picture of the camera. A thumbnail of your image will pop up; right-click it and click “Save image as…”. You’ll be asked which file directory you want to save your image to – simply select the one you want and hit “OK” to save your photo.

What is silk interactive art?

Silk Interactive Generative Art allows users to create their own artwork by dragging the cursor (or a finger if using the app) across the screen in whatever pattern the heart desires. The pattern that appears can have a variety of effects and colors – allowing the user to “weave” their own design.

Which country is birthplace of silk?

The production of silk originates in China in the Neolithic (Yangshao culture, 4th millennium BC). Silk remained confined to China until the Silk Road opened at some point during the later half of the first millennium BC. China maintained its virtual monopoly over silk production for another thousand years.

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Can you download pictures to a Kindle Fire?

Kindle Fire users can transfer images to their devices using either the Amazon Cloud Drive service or by side-loading files with the USB connection cable. Kindle E-reader owners must use the personal document email service to transfer and view images.

How much does silk cost?

On average, the cost of silk is going to vary anywhere from $5 to as much as $65 per yard.

Type of Silk Description Average Price (per yard)
Raw As it notes, raw silk will be natural with an off-white color. It can be rough to the feel. $4 to $8
Taffeta A crisp, smooth plain woven fabric made from silk. $15 to $33

Why did silk only come from China?

Silk is a fabric first produced in Neolithic China from the filaments of the cocoon of the silk worm. It became a staple source of income for small farmers and, as weaving techniques improved, the reputation of Chinese silk spread so that it became highly desired across the empires of the ancient world.