How do you use a tailor’s thimble?

How do you use a thimble step by step?

Here’s a quick how to use your thimble:

  1. place the thimble on your middle finger.
  2. pinch your needle in between your thumb and first finger.
  3. the eye end of the needle will butt right up against either the side of the thimble or the top of the thimble- really depends on how you like to put it.

What is a tailor’s thimble?

These thimbles are used by stitchers who push the needle using the side of the finger. Tailor’s thimbles are narrow at one end and wide at the other, while yubinukis are shorter and not tapered. Both styles allow the user to touch the needle directly with the end of the finger.

How do you keep a thimble on?

Normally, you wear your thimble on the middle finger of the hand you use to push the needle through the fabric. If you prefer to use another finger instead, then simply move the thimble to that finger. The thimble will then protect your finger from the eye end of your needle when you push it through the fabric.

How do I know what size thimble to get?

Use a narrow strip of paper and tape it into a circle around the finger you want to measure, at the base of the fingernail. Cut it and measure how many millimeters equal the circumference of your finger. Compare it to the chart below to determine your thimble size.

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Why is it called a thimble?

A thimble is a cap that fits over the finger to protect it when pushing a needle during sewing. The word, derived from Middle English, literally means “thumb shield.”