How do you style wood beads?

How do you decorate decorative wood beads?

Place decor beads into any kind of decorative bowl such as handmade pottery, vintage silver or a wooden dough bowl. The key is to use a contrasting material of bowl such as wood, metal, or ceramic pottery when using glass beads. However, if you use wooden beads, they would contrast well in a glass or metallic bowl.

How do you display wooden beads?

How To Use Wooden Beads As Decor

  1. Layer them on vases to display on a mantel.
  2. Lay it across stacks of books on a tray.
  3. String it like a garland across your mantel.
  4. Hang them from the ceiling.

What size beads for wooden garland?

25mm seems to be standard however you can use any size that fits your decor and project idea. How to style wood bead garland? This garland is beautiful on a shelf or mantel, draped around a plant or candle, even on the Christmas tree.

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