How do you start a moss stitch?

What does a moss stitch look like?


Moss stitch is a 2-row pattern and is nothing more than knit one, purl one, alternated across a row. In the following row, you simply alternate the order of your knit one, purl one combination.

Do you need an even number of stitches for moss stitch?

You can knit basic moss stitch on an odd or even number of stitches. Cast on an odd number of stitches, work K1, P1 to the end of the row, finishing with a knit stitch. Start the next row with a knit stitch, so that your fabric shows purl ‘bumps’ above and below every ‘V’ stitch.

What is Moss Seed stitch?

Seed stitch (or moss stitch as referred to in the UK), is a really beautiful textured technique that consists of one knit, one purl alternated across an entire row. Then on the next row, you simply continue with one knit and one purl but alternate the order.

Is the moss stitch reversible?

Both the British Moss Stitch / Seed Stitch and American / Irish Moss Stitch are reversible stitch patterns, meaning both sides of your work are almost identical. … The moss stitch patterns are an easy combination of alternating knit and purl stitches worked over an even number of cast on stitches.

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