How do you sew bias binding?

How do you sew bias binding on a sewing machine?

Open out the fold along one edge of the binding and place it right sides together on the edge to be bound with the raw edges matching. Machine straight stitch along the fold line removing the pins as you go. Fold the binding around the raw edge to the wrong side of the fabric.

How do you get bias binding to lay flat?

Press your bias tape in half with wrong sides together. Pin the folded binding to your neck opening, aligning raw edges. Again, use a slight amount of tension to help the bias lay flat. The key is slight – just enough that the bias hugs the seam without pulling or becoming too narrow.

Should thread match binding or backing?

– Always use a good cotton thread, that matches the binding not the backing of the quilt. If the thread matches both, great – but it’s more important that the thread match the binding.

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