How do you sew a net together?

Can you sew screen material?

Though stiffer in composition than most fabrics, the construction of screen material makes it easy to sew. Simply spacing the needle stitch to skip over the screen fibers is all you have to do to sew screen material.

Does tulle wrinkle easily?

Tulle is a great fabric because of its filmy, flowing qualities. Unfortunately, it can become wrinkled as it’s stored. … You can put the tulle in the bathroom and run a hot shower, wave a steam machine nozzle over the wrinkles, put the tulle in a cool dryer, or use steam from an iron to get the wrinkles out.

How do you finish the edge of tulle?

You can finish tulle with ribbon, rattail cord, fishing line, or just put a hem on the tulle. One way to finish tulle is to sew ribbon along the edge of the tulle using a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine. Satin ribbon is a great choice for this since it complements the delicate appearance of tulle.

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