How do you make tassels for curtains?

How do you put fringe on curtains?

Pin the fringe to the panel in the chosen location. If you choose to place the fringe on the right side of the fabric, that is the chosen location. If you choose to place the fringe on the back edge of the panel, use that as the chosen location. Place the pins parallel to the fringe edge.

How do you use curtain tassels?

Gather the curtain loosely and wrap the loop-end of the tieback around it one way and the tassel-end around it the other way. Slip the tieback loop over the tassel, arranging it to rest just at the top of the tassel. Adjust the curtain and the tassel and do the same for the other curtain.

What do tassels symbolize?

The graduation tassel attached to a mortarboard for a school or college represents a belonging to a particular class that has completed its goals. 3) The turning of the tassel has become a more modern tradition, used to signify a person’s transition from candidate to graduate.

What is called tassel?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a dangling ornament made by laying parallel a bunch of cords or threads of even length and fastening them at one end. 2 : something resembling a tassel especially : the terminal male inflorescence of some plants and especially corn.

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