How do you make Easter eggs with balloons and yarn?

How do you make Easter eggs with liquid starch and string?

Just follow these steps to make your very own string Easter eggs.

  1. Mix liquid starch and flour. To begin, add the liquid starch and flour to a bowl and whisk until the mixture is lump-free.
  2. Soak the strings. …
  3. Wrap the wet strings around balloons. …
  4. Hang the balloons to dry. …
  5. Pop the balloons. …
  6. Make a Garland.

How do you make a basket out of yarn and balloons?

Archive: Use a Balloon to Make an Easter Basket

Wrap the thread around the balloon heavy in what you perceive as the back and not as heavy in what will eventually be your front. Wrap the end of the balloon with string. Take white glue or a very heavy starch and put this all over the “egg basket”.

How do you make string balls with fabric stiffener?

Wind the lengths of string around your fingers to form a neat roll. Place the string in the bowl with the fabric stiffener. Push the string down into the fabric stiffener and pour more over the top so the string is covered. Knead the fabric stiffener into the string so it’s completely soaked through.

How do you make Easter eggs out of glue and yarn?

Mix 2 parts glue to 1 part water. For 6 eggs, I used around 4 oz. glue, just to give you an idea how much you’ll need.

Yarn Eggs

  1. Water Balloons.
  2. Yarn & Scissors.
  3. Glue (just general purpose, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy)
  4. Newspaper for your work surface.
  5. Bowl for your glue mix – something disposable is easiest!
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