How do you join knitted seams together?

What does join Raglan seams mean?

The raglan seams are the gradually sloping decreases toward the upper sleeves, the fronts and the back. This video shows the placement of the sleeve on one side. Since you’re knitting a cardigan, you can join both sleeves, one on each side of the back and then join a front to each sleeve.

Is it seem or seam?

“Seem” is the verb, “seam” the noun. Use “seam” only for things like the line produced when two pieces of cloth are sewn together or a thread of coal in a geological formation.

Is Raglan comfortable?

A Raglan gives easier movement than a set in sleeve

Many work jackets and sports tops are designed this way, which also makes it is easier to lift your arms as required without any restriction. This extra movement also makes the garment extremely comfortable to wear.

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