How do you increase evenly space in knitting?

Why is my knitting not even?

Uneven knitting is sometimes caused by different tension between knit and purl rows (also known as “rowing out”). … To create a smoother, more even-looking fabric, try the Combined method (sometimes called combination knitting), which twists stitches in one row and untwists them in the next.

Why does my knitting look bad?

Cause: You may not be holding the tension of your working yarn consistently. Some stitches will be loose and some will be tight, causing your knitted fabric to look uneven. Solution: If you are new to knitting, this is a common problem that will improve with practice.

Why are my rows uneven knitting?

“Rowing out” is when stocking stitch is uneven in knitting. Generally the purl row of stitches is larger than the row of knit stitches, resulting in uneven gaps between the rows. Mostly a result of the tension being looser on the purl row than the tension on the knit row.

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