How do you get the yarn off a Niddy Noddy?

Should I ply my yarn?

It will make the yarn easier to manage off the bobbin. Plying from a center pull ball can be a very fiddly method for some. Letting the singles yarn rest before plying is beneficial and will allow you to not have to fight with your singles as much while plying.

Do you need a Niddy Noddy?

If you do not have a niddy noddy, you can also skein your yarn on the back of a chair or around your arm and elbow.

How do you skein handspun yarn?

Skein your handspun on a niddy-noddy and tie your skein with figure-eight knots in four places. (Use lengths of cotton twine, the end of your yarn, or a combination of the two.) This secures the yarn and lessens tangling. Soak your freshly spun yarn in a bath of plain water or wash it with your favorite washing agent.

What is a plying spindle?

A plied yarn is made by spinning the singles together in the opposite direction to the way they were first spun. Your two singles have been created by spinning to the right. To ply them together, you need to twist the spindle so that it turns to the left.

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