How do you enlarge a sewing pattern?

How do you enlarge a skirt pattern?

Lengthening a Skirt

  1. Locate the printed “shorten or lengthen line on the pattern and cut along it.
  2. Tape or glue some paper to one side of the pattern. …
  3. Align the other half of the skirt pattern to the extended grainline and tape it into position.
  4. Straighten out and redraw the pattern edges with a pencil and ruler.

How do you determine a pattern size?

On most commercial patterns, your pattern size is determined by 3 measurements- bust, waist, and hips. If you circle your sizes, and you find that your bust lands in size 12, but your waist lands in size 14, go with size 14.

What is a fitting pattern?

What are “fitting patterns”? They are very basic – and yes, very boring – dress or pant patterns that you’ll use to achieve your perfect fit before making sewing patterns for your new designs.

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