Frequent question: Can you do a rolled hem on knit fabric?

Can you use a rolled hem foot with knits?

The rolled hem is ideal for lightweight fabrics, knits, and any project where you might otherwise use a serger but you don’t have one. (Note: depending on the brand of your machine the presser foot may also be known as the narrow hemmer foot.)

Do I need a walking foot to sew knits?

Walking Foot

One way to keep your knit fabric from growing while you’re sewing is to use a Walking Foot. A while back I did a post on the Walking Foot. While not essential, it has an amazing effect on the way your knit fabrics sew. Basically, it keeps the fabric from stretching while you sew.

How do you keep knit fabric from curling?

To prevent knits from curling you add purl stitches to the right side. And, if you add purl stitches to the right side, they will, of course, be knit stitches at the wrong side. As mentioned earlier, the purl stitches as a lower tension than the knit stitches.

Which way should fabric stretch?

The direction of the greatest stretch has to go across your body, rather than up and down. This will give you the best fit from stretch fabrics. Don’t focus too much on lining up the selvedges when laying out your fabric.

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