Can you knit garter stitch on a knitting machine?

What is a garter bar used for?

A garter bar is a bar with prongs that allows you to take all the stitches off your needlebed at one time and put them back on the needles later even turning the work from the purl side to the knit side if you wish.

Is it worth buying a knitting machine?

Owning a knitting machine is awesome as it allows you to churn out garments in no time at all and thus saves you loads of time. If you are knitting for profit, then owning a knitting machine makes a lot of sense as you can make items a lot quicker than you would do if you were knitting by hand.

Can you use a knitting machine to make a blanket?

If you are busy, you only have limited time every day to work on your project. Knitting machines can solve this problem, especially for working on large pieces! And yes, knitting machines can also make blankets! … But first, I will share some of the projects you can make and how to make them.

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