Can you crochet knitted squares together?

Can you join knitted squares with crochet?

Method 2: Single Crochet

If you’re connecting multicolored knitted squares of a blanket, for example, this join is a great way to unify all the squares by using one complementary color of yarn. … Wrap the yarn around the hook, then pull the yarn through all the loops on the hook.

What can I do with knitted squares?

Things To Do With A Knitted Square

  1. Use them as a mat for your plant pot – this one is great if you’ve dropped a stitch and need to hide it!
  2. Stitch together in a square to form the front of a cushion cover.
  3. Add ties at the side and use for a bike seat cover.
  4. Stitch together in a length to make a scarf.
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