Best answer: How did the swallow reach the seamstress house?

What change came over the swallow on his return from the house of the seamstress Why?

After returning from the seamstress house, the swallow flew to the happy prince. He felt quite warm in his body , although it was so cold. He felt so ( warmth in his body) because he had done a good action, by helping the seamstress and fanning the boy’s forehead making him feel better and making him deeply asleep.

How did the Swallow become the prince’s eyes?

Answer: The swallow becomes the Prince’s eye by telling him about all the beautiful places and on his request the miseries of his city also because he had lost his eyes for the sake of charity.

How did the swallow feel after delivering the Ruby to the seamstress?

Answer: The swallow, on being persuaded by the prince, went to the seamstress’s house. She had fallen asleep so the swallow kept the ruby on the table where the woman worked. … This made the boy feel relaxed and he went to sleep.

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How did the Happy Prince help the seamstress?

The Happy Prince helped a seamstress by sending his great ruby through the swallow. Then he requested the swallow to take out a sapphire from his eye and give it to a playwright who was about to faint because of hunger and cold. Another sapphire was sent to the match girl.

How did Prince and Swallow help the poor?

Answer: On Happy Prince’s request the swallow carried red ruby from his sword hilt to the poor seamstress who could not afford oranges for her sick son. On Happy Prince’s behest, the swallow plucked an expensive sapphire from one of his eyes and carried it to the struggling playwright to help him financially.

Where did the swallow decide to spend the night?

The Swallow decided to stay under the statue of the Happy Prince at night because it was high up, and so there was plenty of fresh air.

What made happy prince cry?

Answer: The statue of the Happy Prince was weeping because when he had been alive, he had not known any sorrow. But after his statue had been erected, he was able to see all the ugliness and misery of the city, and even though he now had a heart of lead, he could still feel the pain, which made him cry.

Why was the little swallow filled with pity?

answer ❤ the swallow filled with pity because the eyes of the happy prince were filled with tears and tears were running down his golden cheecks . his face was beautiful in moon light.

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What curious thing did the swallow see what did he find?

Answer: swallow make this remark when he finds tiny drops of water falling on his head. he discover that also there was no cloud in the sky but tiny drops of water were falling from above when he looked up he found the tears were falling from the statue of happy Prince.

What happened to the swallow in the end?

In the end, the swallow died due to frost. The weather was so bad for him that he could not survive. What happened to the Happy Prince’s leaden heart?

What were the two most precious things in the city?

“Bring me the two most precious things in the city,” said God to one of His Angels; and the Angel brought Him the leaden heart and the dead bird. “You have rightly chosen,” said God, “for in my garden of Paradise this little bird shall sing for evermore, and in my city of gold the Happy Prince shall praise me.”

How did the swallow try to keep himself warm?

The poor little swallow grew colder and colder, but he would not leave the Prince, he loved him too well. He picked up crumbs outside the baker’s door when the baker was not looking, and tried to keep himself warm by flapping his wings.