You asked: What surprised the narrator when he and Luo went to see the little seamstress?

What does the Little Seamstress tell the narrator during the movie?

After Luo falls asleep, the Little Seamstress asks the narrator if he believes in things that can’t be explained naturally. The narrator says you can neither believe in nor deny them totally.

Does the narrator like the Little Seamstress?

The unnamed narrator of the novel is a thoughtful, intellectual 17-year-old who is sent to the countryside for re-education during China’s Cultural Revolution. He lives there with his best friend Luo. He falls in love with the Little Seamstress but never acts on it, and is transformed by the power of literature.

What happens to the Little Seamstress?

He explains that the Little Seamstress left suddenly after deciding to become a city girl. In the time leading up to her departure, she cut her hair into a bob, asked the tailor to buy her white shoes, and altered a jacket for herself. The result was modern and stylish, and Luo decided that reading to her had paid off.

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Can the Little Seamstress read?

The Little Seamstress, the daughter of a famous local tailor, is a rare beauty with no formal education who cannot read well, so Luo and the narrator read to her.

Why does Luo punch the narrator?

These chapters begin the theme of friendship. The narrator describes Luo as “the best friend I ever had.” Although Luo punched the narrator, it was because he was upset that the narrator saw his father be humiliated, rather than because of something the narrator did.

Why does Four-Eyes say he remains friends with the narrator and Luo?

Four-Eyes is generally suspicious of other people and he regularly behaves in ways that are purely self-serving. Luo and the narrator hear him admit that he only remains friends with Luo so he can someday call on the dentist, Luo’s father, for dental work.

Why did Luo want to read the book to the Little Seamstress?

By reading Balzac to her, Luo intends to make the Little Seamstress cultured enough to be worthy of his affections, but his education has an unintended effect: she gains the confidence and vision to leave the mountain for good by herself.

What does the alarm clock symbolize in Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress?

The alarm clock represents the bourgeois norms, such as timing the workday with a clock rather than with sunrise and sunset, that the Cultural Revolution was intended to quash.

What bet did Luo make with the seamstress?

Luo says he bets he and the Little Seamstress have something in common. She agrees that, if he proves that, she’ll lengthen his trousers for free. He says they both have the second toe longer than the others. They compare, and it is true.

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What does the village headman want Luo to fill his tooth with?

One evening the headman asks Luo, who surely saw his father perform dental work, to fill his aching tooth with tin. If he does, the headman will give him a month off. Luo says he can’t because he has no drill. A few days later the tailor comes to the village, without the Little Seamstress.

What does Luo say that gets the village headman to accept the music?

The narrator is terrified—all music by western composers has been banned for years. The headman asks what the song is called, and Luo says the song is called “Mozart is Thinking of Chairman Mao.” The headman says that Mozart is always thinking of Chairman Mao, and Luo agrees.