Who stitched the shoemaker’s shoes?

Why do you think the elves made shoes for the shoemaker?

Answer: The elves made shoes for the shoemaker because the shoemaker was a kind and good man. He was honest and hard-working, but he never made any money. He and his wife ran the house with great difficulty and sometimes all they had was a piece of bread.

What did the shoemaker’s wife tell him at night?

Answer: To console him his wife said: ‘Don’t worry too much, everything will soon be all right. Leave the cloth on the table, you can stitch the shoes tomorrow.

What is shoe maker called in English?

cobbler, crispin, cordwainer, soler.

Who was the shoemaker rich or poor?

the shoemaker was poor probably .

Why is shoemaker tired?

With the rest of the money, the shoemaker was able to buy enough leather for two more pairs of shoes. After their dinner, the shoemaker was too tired to start working on the new pairs of shoes that night. He cut out the leather, then went to bed, hoping to make a fresh start in the morning.

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What did the shoemaker want to do with his last piece of leather?

What did the shoemaker want to do with the last piece of leather? The shoemaker wanted to make one pair of leather shoes with his last piece of leather. What did the shoemaker see next morning? The shoemaker saw a pair of fine leather shoes, beautifully made and shining.

Why did the shoemaker fall asleep quickly?

Germany. A shoemaker, through no fault of his own, had become so poor that he had only leather enough for a single pair of shoes. He cut them out one evening, then went to bed, intending to finish them the next morning. Having a clear conscience, he went to bed peacefully, commended himself to God, and fell asleep.

What does the shoemaker do with the shoes?

A shoemaker is someone who makes, designs and repairs footwear. The original name for a shoemaker was cordwainer. Historically, shoes were made one shoe at a time by hand, but this has somewhat been replaced by the shoe manufacturing industry, producing shoes at a far greater rate than sole shoemakers can.

What problem did the shoemaker have?

the shoemaker’s problem was that he had become very poor. 2. He had leather for only one shoe .

What is the moral lesson of the Elves and the Shoemaker?

yes, the moral to this story is that Hard work is the secret to making dreams and wishes come true. This story shows that good things come from working hard. The shoemaker and his wife worked hard, and they were rewarded by the elves coming to help them out in their shop.

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Who is the shoemaker in a tale of two cities?

The man in question is none other than Dr. Manette. Since being released from the Bastille, he’s been working as a shoemaker in a garret owned by Monsieur Defarge. He also worked as a shoemaker while he was in prison; it was a way for Manette to keep himself occupied…

How did the shoemaker change in the story?

How did the shoemaker change in the story? The shoemaker went from being very rich to being a very poor man. The shoemaker went from being hardworking to being a lazy man. … The shoemaker soon discovers that two little men have been making the shoes for him.