What is the pointy end of a crochet hook for?

Why is the end of my crochet hook pointed?

The head of your crochet hook is the part used to push into the existing stitches so that you can retrieve the yarn and pull it through. Crochet hooks can have pointed heads, or rounded heads. … If you’re crocheting a project with close, tight stitches, you might prefer a pointed head so the stitches are easier to enter.

Why use a double ended crochet hook?

It employs the use of a long double-ended hook, which permits the maker to work stitches on or off from either end. Because the hook has two ends, two alternating colors of thread can be used simultaneously and freely interchanged, working loops over the hook.

What was the first crochet hook made of?

Crochet needles were made in Redditch, England, using the same techniques used to make sewing needles and fishing hooks. The needles were handmade of wrought iron and then the iron was converted to steel. Only a final polishing of the very hard steel was required. The first three crochet hooks are from 1847-1860.

Do you need 2 hooks to crochet?

A crochet hook as some people call it crochet needle (I prefer first) is a tool with a hook at one end. … If you are familiar with knitting, you know you need two needles to knit. But don’t go to your local yarn shop and buy two same crochet hooks! You need just one.

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What is a crochet on the double hook?

Crochet on the Double (COTD) is similar to Tunisian (Afghan) Stitch but uses a double-ended hook. They both make a nice, closed in piece which is quite warm and reversible. … A cro-hook – this is a hook that is similar to an afghan hook, longer than a regular crochet hook, but with two hooks, one on each end.