What is a dressmaker sewing machine worth?

What is considered a vintage sewing machine?

Machines made before 1900 are considered antiques. Machines made after after 1900 may be considered vintage. Find which category your Singer fits in to determine the value of your machine.

How do you read a Singer sewing machine serial number?

The serial number can be found near the power switch, stamped on a brass plate or on the front panel. It will be in the format of either just numbers or with a letter prefix of one or two characters. If you have a dash in the serial number please include it.

What is the price of tailoring machine?

Sewing Machines Price in India

Best Sewing Machines Models Price
Brother FS101 Computerised Sewing Machine ₹19499
Usha Dream Stitch Electric Sewing Machine ₹8799
Usha Craft Master Deluxe Sewing Machine ₹7000
Singer Tailor Deluxe Manual Sewing Machine ₹4789
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