Question: What is a yo yo quilt?

Do yo yo quilts have backing?

Yo-yo quilts are not traditional quilts because they do not have a layer of batting and a fabric backing. The yo-yo, a rosette made from a circle of fabric, makes its own backing and creates dimension that mimics the effects of a light batting.

How many yo yos do you need to make a quilt?

A lap-sized quilt will require about 486 yo-yos, while a twin-size quilt will require about 1,452 yo-yos. Cut plenty of fabric circles ahead and take along with you to sew when you are waiting for appointments or on your lunch break.

When were yo yo quilts made?

It is uncertain of when and where the technique for making yo-yo quilts originated. The earliest known examples date to the 1920s but the technique and pattern became prominent in the next decade. By the 1930s patterns were appearing in the women’s pages of weekly publications.

Is quilting an expensive hobby?

Quilting can be quite an expensive hobby, but you can also do it with very little expense. The pricey fabrics and the modern gadgets of today make quilting expensive. But it can be one of the most practical hobbies if you use only the basic quilting materials.

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