Is tailoring TBC worth it?

Is tailoring TBC profitable?

S: Very profitable for most of TBC, even without rare/high-value recipes. Important for most/all classes. A: Reliably profitable without many rare/high-value recipes.


Item Value Notes
Golden Spellthread High Optimal leg enchant for all healing classes.
Primal Mooncloth Bag High The largest crafted bag in TBC.

What professions make money TBC?


  • S-Tier: Jewelcrafting.
  • A-Tier: Alchemy, Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, Enchanting.
  • B-Tier: Leatherworking, Tailoring.
  • C-tier: Engineering, Blacksmithing.

Do warlocks need tailoring in TBC?

A lot of the warlocks’ Pre-BiS and BiS come from tailoring; nearly all casters will want the Spellstrike Infusion set and warlocks will want pieces of Shadow’s Embrace or Wrath of Spellfire depending on the specialization you chose. … However, most of these are Bind on Equip and do not require tailoring itself to equip.

Is skinning good in TBC?

Skinning can be a very useful profession in TBC Classic as there are plenty of items and consumables that require leather to make. … Skinning works great when paired with the crafting profession Leatherworking as it directly fuels its material needs.

How important is gold in TBC?

Why players always need more WOW TBC Classic Gold? In Burning Crusade Classic, gold is a very important base currency, which can be used to purchase almost all items in the game.

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How can I make gold TBC fast?

WoW Burning Crusade Classic gold farming tips

  1. Loot everything. You’ll pick up a lot of junk when you loot enemies. …
  2. Optimise your bag space. …
  3. Make a second character. …
  4. Craft items to sell. …
  5. Or pick up gathering professions. …
  6. Learn to fish. …
  7. Do your dailies. …
  8. Use the auction house effectively.

Are Warlocks fun in TBC?

How good are Warlocks in TBC Classic? Warlocks are arguably the best DPS classes throughout all of TBC and likely will be throughout TBC Classic. They fight for the top spot against Hunters and the winner is normally based on the fight.

Is Warlock strong in TBC?

Warlocks are the best DPS in TBC. They provide raids with various curse to debuff boss encounters. Meanwhile, their utility is top-notch as well through the use of Health Stones and Soul Stones that increase raid survivability. Destruction Warlock will provide the highest DPS and many raids will run four or more.

Are mages good in TBC?

Are Mages good in TBC? Yes! Mages in TBC are absolute DPS machines and the reworked Arcane and Frost tree add a lot to the gameplay, ensuring that there is much more to it than simply pressing one button the whole night. … In PvP they also rule Outland’s Arenas with their mighty Frost tree.

Is leatherworking good in TBC?

But in TBC, the increased importance of crafting powerful gear amplifies their significance. … Leatherworking will be necessary for all raids in TBC because of Drums of Battle, but some changes that Blizzard implemented will make it so that only a few players will need to be in the profession, as opposed to everyone.

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What level mobs can I skin TBC?

Skinning in Burning Crusade Classic

Multiply the mob’s level by 5, and that is the level of skinning you need to skin that mob. A level 60 mob will require 300 skinning, a level 61 mob requires 305 skinning, etc. Most mobs in Outlands should be skinnable by level 350 skinning.

Is herbalism good for TBC?

It can also help you find items such as Glowcap, a mushroom used by the faction Sporeggar as a currency (this was removed in WoTLK but works all through TBC). Herbalism can also help you with quests that involve finding quest herbs. … Higher-level herbs such as Dreamfoil also appear in the lower-level Outlands zones.