How does tambour beading work?

How long does tambour beading take?

Tamboured in over 60,000 Swarovski crystals onto two layers of georgette and one layer of silk tulle net, it took three of us, over 3 weeks to work.

Is tambour beading hard?

The tambour hook is I must say quite hard to master – it’s probably the fiddliest textile technique I’ve ever tried (and I’ve had at least a go at quite a few).

What fabric is used for tambour beading?

Tambour beginners should first practice on a piece of fabric and try out different stitches and textile decoration techniques. Organza is best suited for this, but you can also use tulle. In principle, this type of embroidery can also be transferred to other textiles if you have a good handling of the needle.

What is a beading hook?

This handy little tool will make beading a breeze! Simply insert whichever end fits best through the bead, snag the thread or cord, and pull through the bead. For thicker cord, pull it tight to reduce the surface area pulling through the bead. Size: a little less than 6.5″ total length.

What is the difference between AARI and Tambour?

In Tambour or Luneville work the frame is often supported between two tables, above a table or on trestle supports and used when seated on a chair. In Aari or Zari work the frame is often closer to the ground, and used while seated on the ground.

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