How do you tell the right side of a rib knitted fabric?

How do you tell the right side of cotton lycra?

Cotton/Lycra knit fabric does have a right and a wrong side, but sometimes it’s difficult to determine which is which. If you look at the fabric closely in good lighting, you’ll see rib lines running parallel to the to the selvedge, and these lines are more pronounced on the fabric’s right side.

Does sunbrella have a right and wrong side?

Sunbrella® Upholstery Fabrics feature a wide variety of modern, contemporary, and traditional patterns that match Sunbrella® Marine Grade colors to fully coordinate both inside and outdoors. … There is no right nor wrong side to these upholstery fabrics, meaning either side can be exposed to the outside.

What is a rib fabric?

Rib knit is a double-knit fabric that knits the fabric in vertical ridged pattern called ribbing and highly stretched in crosswise direction. Rib fabric is often used in round necks and cuffs for certain types of T-shirts. Ribbing is notated by (number of knit stitches) × (number of purl stitches).

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