How do you make a sock monkey without sewing?

How do you make a sock monkey without a sewing machine?

Turn one of your socks inside out. Lay it down flat on your work surface, with the heel facing up. Starting at the leg hole, cut down the center of both layers with the scissors, until you reach the heel of the sock. Above the heel will be your monkey’s head and torso and below it will be the monkey’s legs.

What kind of socks are used for sock monkeys?

FOX RIVER-Original Rockford Red Heel Socks. These well-made socks are perfect for making sock monkeys or other sock animals! This package contains two pairs of socks and instructions for making a sock monkey doll are printed inside the packaging.

How do you clean a sock monkey?

Washing Machine Method

Wash the sock monkey in cold water on the gentle cycle with detergent made for delicates. Feel free to wash the sock monkey with other items such as towels and socks, but do not use bleach. When the wash, rinse and spin cycle is finished, remove the sock monkey from the pillow case.

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