How do you knit a basketweave pattern?

Does basketweave stitch curl?

Basketweave isn’t reversible, the right and wrong side looks different, but due to the use of knits and purls, this stitch lays flat and doesn’t curl. This characteristic makes basketweave a good choice for blankets, scarves, and dishcloths.

Does basketweave stitch use more yarn?

When you work in the basketweave stitch, you will use about a third more yarn than if you cover the canvas with the continental stitch.

Do basket weave patterns have a right and wrong side?

The Right side (front) has the pattern design and the Wrong side (back) has a smooth inverted texture.

What is checkerboard pattern?

a pattern of alternating light and dark squares used in visual psychophysical tests and to stimulate visually responsive cells in the brain.

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