How do you keep embroidery thread neat?

Why does my thread keep knotting up?

Improper Threading

If your sewing machine thread is not properly threaded, the bobbin thread won’t be pulled up into the fabric the way it needs to be. Occasionally the upper thread can catch on a moving part or get stuck, which impedes the easy flow of thread through the needle, creating a tangle.

Why does my thread keep twisting?

The number one reason your thread ends up in knots is that you’re twisting it. You’re not doing this consciously or anything – it happens in tiny little increments during those moments you let go of your needle and pick it back up again. Most of us, in those moments, turn the needle just a little.

How do you coil embroidery thread?

To wind a thread ball:

Slide it off and then wrap the thread around the loop a few times, it should look a bit like a bow. Fold that in half, this is the center of the ball. Start wrapping around the ball, rotating as you go and eventually you’ll run out of thread and have a nice ball.

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