How can I make my curtains longer without sewing?

How do you attach fabric to lengthen curtains?

How to Lengthen Curtains or Draperies

  1. Remove the curtain’s sewn hem with a seam ripper.
  2. Measure to find the length of fabric that you need to add, allowing for a 1/2-inch seam on the existing treatment.
  3. Add a 1/2-inch seam allowance and at least another 2 inches for a new hem to the new fabric length to be added.

Can you use long curtains on short windows?

Hanging long drapes on a short window is one of the easiest ways to increase the importance of the window and bring it into proportion to the room. … The correct design and length will minimize poor window style and hint that the window is much grander than it actually is.

How high should curtains be off the floor?

The proper position is ½ inch above the floor for free hanging curtains. This distance allows for mopping and cleaning while creating the illusion that the curtain touches the floor.

How much length do curtain rings add?

If you want a little bit more length out of your panel, ring clips are a great way to add 1-2 inches, since the clips means the fabric hangs just below the drapery rod.

Should all curtains be the same length?

Make sure your curtains are long enough.

Short curtains make a room look awkward and incomplete. Generally, you should avoid anything shorter than 96 inches, unless you have very low ceilings. When in doubt, go with longer curtains rather than a shorter, cut off length.

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Do I need a sewing machine to make curtains?

And a proper sewing machine for curtains will make sure it looks just like a professionally made one. After all, draperies and similar window adornments are highly visible, so you don’t want to have half-assed creations setting the tone for your living space.